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How can Anytime Pharmacy help me?

We provide this regulated, specialist service for patients who wish to obtain medicine for the prevention of the influenza virus (flu, swine flu and avian flu). This service is for people who do not have flu but wish to guard themselves should they get the flu, or if they come into close contact with someone who has flu or swine flu viruses.

All services provided by Anytime Pharmacy are safe, fast and confidential (we do not inform your GP). You can obtain treatment within the privacy of your home and without the inconvenience of lengthy doctor waiting rooms.

Choose same day click and collect from your local participating pharmacy. The benefit of collecting from your local pharmacy is that you can go to the pharmacy at a time that suits you, it's faster than a mail order delivery and no-one has to wait at home to sign for your medicine.

How does the Anytime Pharmacy service work?

Step 1:             Register online and complete the free online medical questionnaire consultation. A doctor will review your questionnaire and, if it is safe to do so, approve you for treatment. You do not pay for your doctor consultation.
Step 2: If you are approved for treatment you will be sent a text message asking you to log back into your secure patient record. You can pay for your cholesterol management medicine using a debit or credit card.
Step 3: You will be sent a FREE SMS (text message) when a doctor has sent your prescription to your nominated pharmacy. We advise you to call your nominated pharmacy to check your prescription is ready, then collect your medicine.

Why are no prices shown for Anytime Pharmacy treatment services?

Under current UK law it is illegal for an online clinic to advertise prescription-only-medicine (POM) prices prior to a medical consultation with a GMC-registered doctor. We are not a pharmacy and cannot show you medicine prices unless you have a valid prescription. Once your doctor has approved you for treatment all prices are clearly displayed. Your registration and medical consultation is free and you are under no obligation to purchase any treatment; your choice of treatment options is decided by your doctor.

How flu is spread?

The flu virus is spread in the small droplets of saliva coughed or sneezed into the air by an infected person. If you breathe in these droplets, you may become infected.

Video: Cold & Flu

A GP explains the differences between a cold and flu, and the treatments available.

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How does this influenza (flu) antiviral work?

Your medicine are antiviral tablets, the flu is a virus so antibiotics will not work. Influenza (flu) is preventable and treatable with the antiviral medication tamiflu. Tamiflu works by stopping the virus sticking onto cells in the upper respiratory tract.

How to take your influenza (flu) antiviral:

The use of this oral medicine depends on your situation. If you think you have swine flu, you will need to take one capsule twice a day for five days. If you have come into close contact with someone who is confirmed as having swine flu, you will need to take one capsule daily for ten days. Detailed instructions on how to take this oral medicine will accompany the medicine itself. Your doctor will also provide you with assistance on how to take the medicine.

What are the potential side-effects (contraindications) of the influenza (flu) antiviral tablets?

All medication and antibiotics can cause side effects. Your influenza (flu) antiviral tablets can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or an allergic rash. Some people have reported abdominal pain and headaches. The leaflet accompanying the treatment will list some of the rarer side-effects.

When answering your medical questionnaire for influenza (flu) antiviral tablets it is very important that you answer the questions truthfully to ensure your doctor has a full picture of your medical history before they prescribe you treatment.

How effective are the influenza (flu) antiviral tablets?

The antiviral tablets are used to accelerate the recovery process if taken with 48 hours of symptoms developing. This means that some of your flu symptoms can be relieved as well as reducing the length and severity of your flu. Tamiflu can reduce the time you are ill by one day and can reduce the likelihood of a serious complication such as pneumonia.

Current evidence shows that the antiviral tablets may help someone who is in close contact with another person who already has swine flu to avoid contracting swine flu themselves.

Who should not use this particular influenza (flu) antiviral service?

You should not request this treatment service if you are allergic to oseltamivir. This service is not suitable for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you think you already have the flu you should speak with your GP and obtain the medicne from the NHS straight away.

Alternate treatment options

There is no vaccine for swine flu at present.

Looking after your influenza (flu) antiviral treatment

This treatment is for YOU only. Do not give it to others. It may not suit them. Do not take this medicine after the expiry date stamped on the pack. Keep all medicines out of the reach and sight of children.

Where can you find out more information?

Anytime Pharmacy's Health Library provides a comprehensive resource on all services offered through Anytime Pharmacy. The Health Library also contains references and links to reputable organisations such as: NHS Direct (UK), FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), NetDoctor (UK), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (USA), Department of Health (UK) and the Health Protection Agency (UK). Anytime Pharmacy.

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